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9 Examples of Pure SMS Chat Genius

There is a type of person who can come up with a witty remark in any situation. You never get tired of talking to them despite the fact that it sometimes feels like walking through a minefield. Today, Bright Side offers you yet another selection of inimitable SMS conversations. We hope you’ll enjoy these masterpieces of online…Read More »

6 Exercises to Ease Sciatic Nerve Pain in a Few Minutes

Many people know how unpleasant sciatic nerve pain is. Oddly enough, regular walking is one of the factors that increases sciatic nerve morbidity. But there is also some good news — sciatica can be cured without surgical interventions in more than 75% of cases. One of the effective ways to achieve this is through some pretty simple…Read More »

12 Retro Photos That Capture the Beauty of the Human Body

When we think of something “retro” we imagine cars, music, clothes, and photographs of course. No one would argue that retro pictures are a pleasure to an eye. They have impeccable style, and people somehow seem to be simple yet elegant no matter what they’re doing. The definition of retro style implies that new things show…Read More »

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

From broken bones to fatigue, dairy can be the primary reason for some of your health problems. And you may have not even thought to blame milk. So, next time you’re preparing your shopping list, you may want to consider this. We, at Bright Side, have listed the symptoms…Read More »

10 of the World’s Most Famous Waterfalls

Drama, thrilling, charming – not surprising famous waterfalls appear on the bucket list of enthusiastic tourists. Exceptional natural wonders, waterfalls such as Niagara and Gullfoss are amazing sights, flowing to beautiful destinations on the continent. This is a list of the 10…Read More »