Friendship Day Celebration Ideas, Friendship Day Gifts Ideas

We are giving you best Friendship Day Celebration ideas to give the gifts to your best friends and special ones.

  • Write a letter or a card for your friends, which would perfectly portray your feelings towards them.
  • Get them a small present -a bouquet of flowers, gift, chocolate or cakes. If possible, leave it anonymously for that added bit of suspense, which would make an interesting start for the day.
  • Since it’s on a Sunday, preplan a weekend trip to a place on the outskirts of your city. Have your destination set right for loads of adventure and excitement, which usually accompanies any trip made with friends.
  • Organize a potpourri party and invite all your old pals for a feast of lunch. Surprise them with a small token as a gift, when they depart. This would add to the fun and excitement that the day was spent in.
  • In case you are catching up with your friends after a long time, instead of going out to a mall or a catching up on the movie, invite friends to your place and play some interesting games and have your hearts out.
  • If you meet your friends on a regular basis, as in school or college, you can spend the day at a different locale. Go in for a movie or catch up in a restaurant or a coffee place.
  • Adults can even party out till late at night, by going to a discotheque and having a blast out there. Make sure that the place is safe.
  • Plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun and great idea for all ages. If you’re physically-inclined, try activities, such as bowling, golf, rollerblading, cricket or going to the beach.

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