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Drama, thrilling, charming – not surprising famous waterfalls appear on the bucket list of enthusiastic tourists. Exceptional natural wonders, waterfalls such as Niagara and Gullfoss are amazing sights, flowing to beautiful destinations on the continent. This is a list of the 10 most famous waterfalls in the world that should be on anyone’s bucket list.

10 of the most famous waterfalls in the world
Angel Falls, Venezuela
The highest waterfall in the world, dropping 979 meters from mountain-top mountains in Venezuela, is an amazing angel falling. Found in Cawanna National Park registered in UNESCO in the eastern state of Bolívar, 807 meters from the famous waterfall unbroken, and when in a full stream it is a charming sight. The best time to visit is between June and November. Demonshentously called the polesupai-merú, the name of the waterfall is more famously associated with Aviator Aviator Jimmie Angel, who in 1933 saw an extraordinary cascade from the sky, allegedly while looking for gold.

famous waterfalls angel falls venezuela

Niagara Falls, USA / Canada
No doubt one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls sit on the border between the United States and Canada which means that thunder pull can be seen from the country – although the point of view of the Canadian side is often quoted as the best. That said, if in the west York state of West, you get the chance to approach the three waterfalls that form Niagara – Horseshoe, bridal and American headscarves – though from top-down, but still the opportunity to take in the waterfall as a whole.

famous waterfalls niagara falls

Iguazú Falls, Argentina / Brazil
On the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazú Falls – known as IguAsu or Iguaçu Falls – is the attraction of the main visitors and the spotlight of the holiday to South America. Consisting of 275 waterfalls and cascade, the bottom circuit and up on the Argentine side are two running lines that offer amazing views of the gangway and the Lookout balcony. Head to the Devil’s throat, canyon shaped horseshoe, and you will stare at the walls of a large water more than 80 meters. Arriving evening and, with the sun behind you, it’s a magical sight.

famous waterfalls iguaza waterfalls argentina

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe / Zambia
One of the seven natural wonders in the world, Victoria fell that the stretch of 1,708 meters in Zimbabwe and Zambia was indeed a beautiful waterfall and must be seen on holidays to Africa. Explorer David Livingstone was certainly impressed when, in 1855, he became the first European to stare at 108 meters high – so, he decided to change their name after the Ruling British Monarch. Musi-oa, their original moniker, meaning ‘weed smoke, the right choice because the noise of Victoria waterfall can be heard from a distance of 40 km, and their spray feels up to 50 km.

famus waterfalls victoria falls


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