By | January 20, 2021

Most people do not know much about hormones to think any of them. The general thing that people seem to think is correct is that women hit menopause in their 40s or 50s and that most signs aren’t that bad, except for a woman’s mood. When in reality, many peoples hormonal changes strike during the mid-30s which can be due to the lifestyle you live or even toxins I the air caused by pollution that we are always exposed to in our daily lives.

The truth is, we suffer from hormonal changes right from birth all the way to death, so why not know a little bit more about your body? You should be able to spot any signs so that you understand your body better to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1 Extreme gaining of weight

Many people will suddenly put on a lot of weight at some point in their lives, whether or not their daily diet Is right or wrong. Your adrenal glands will release quite a lot of Cortisol which is known as a stress hormone, if this production is stopped, then the weight gain begins. So always be aware of your body and what you eat and drink enough water to keep hydrated.

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