By | January 20, 2021

Your body is a wonderland. Just take a look in the mirror and you’ll find something on you that you probably don’t even know the purpose for. Like the body hair that you shave every time it grows, for example. Turns out, this hair can help attract potential mates for you. These body features exist for a reason and their purposes might surprise you.

Bright Side is taking a closer look at our seemingly useless body features to understand what they’re meant to do.

1. Mole

mole appears when the cells in the skin grow in a group instead of being spread throughout the skin. Usually, moles aren’t harmful, but sometimes it may be a sign that there are problems inside your body, such as cancer. Mole-mapping is a method that can be used to keep track of the changes in moles so that cancer can be caught early to save your life.

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