The top 10 high-quality North Carolina Waterfalls

By | April 27, 2020

This pinnacle 10 great North Carolina Waterfalls listing showcases our favourite waterfalls in the Tar Heel country that we’ve personally visited and provided waterfall write-u.s.a.for.

certainly, the state of North Carolina featured numerous waterfalls (particularly in its western 1/2), and we controlled to experience this bounty for ourselves, which you can see on our complete page of the nation’s waterfalls.

So with all the photos and records that we’ve accrued, it changed into about time we put out this listing of just twn of the quality North Carolina Waterfalls.

And just like with our other pinnacle 10 lists, we handiest don’t forget waterfalls that we’ve personally visited.

certainly, this list will trade as we keep to make more visits to the Tar Heel kingdom.

So with out further ado, we now gift the top 10 best North Carolina Waterfalls list in reverse order…

Hickory Nut Falls
Hickory Nut Falls
Chimney Rock, Rutherford County, North Carolina
With this tall, reportedly 400ft waterfall, we discovered it acted as our waterfalling excuse to linger inside the Chimney Rock Park.

certainly, this busy spot southeast of Asheville featured large granite cliffs and formations that yielded vistas in addition to obstacles for rock climbers.

combined with the onset of Autumn hues, we had a blast at a time whilst the western part of the state just started to enter its magical annual colour exchange.

So given those factors, we just needed to make room for this waterfall on our listing of pinnacle 10 North Carolina Waterfalls.

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Mingo Falls
Mingo Falls
brilliant Smoky Mountains national Park, Cherokee Indian Reservation, North Carolina
This waterfall regarded to have an charisma of the native Cherokee Tribe about it because it sat in the tribal lands while also sitting proper in the barriers of the brilliant Smoky Mountains national Park.

We had no trouble travelling this waterfall as we best needed to go up a series of steps to get onto the bridge fronting this swish a hundred and twenty-footer.

We also noticed large elk as we made our way into the Chrokee Tribal Lands to get right of entry to this waterfall.

With all of the Autumn foliage turning colours at the same time as flanking the waterfall, it felt just right for a lovely spot like this.

consequently, we made room for it on this listing of North Carolina’s first-class.

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looking Glass Falls
searching Glass Falls
#8 looking GLASS FALLS
Pisgah countrywide woodland, Transylvania County, North Carolina
This waterfall epitomized the classic Transylvania County scenery that became well known for harboring hundreds of waterfalls.

however, this one stood out because of its ease-of-access along with the encircling Autumn colours as you may see from the image.

certainly, we needed to make an obligatory prevent in conjunction with masses of others who additionally toured this corner of the Blue Ridge freeway.

So we’ve placed this among our list of favorites within the Tar Heel state.

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Glen Falls
Glen Falls
Nantahala countrywide wooded area, Macon County, North Carolina
With this waterfall, it was all approximately its grace and individual.

As you could see inside the image, it gracefully dropped on a rocky slope watched over by using timber harboring leaves well into their transformation of the fall foliage.

This excursion simply consisted of 3 different waterfalls of which the one pictured right here made up the center tier. An higher tier of similar size in addition to a small decrease tier rounded out the enjoy.

Feeling relatively off-the-overwhelmed route among different waterfalls in this part of southwestern North Carolina, we felt that this waterfall actually belonged on this list of North Carolina’s pleasant.

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Triple Falls
Triple Falls
DuPont kingdom woodland, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Ever on the grounds that Julie and i noticed this waterfall making an appearance at the starvation games, I tend to make this affiliation in relation to this three-stepper.

We managed to revel in this falls from an established viewing location along the properly-used trail in addition to a spur path that took us to a slippery vicinity among the 2d and 3rd drop.

As you can see from the image, the autumn foliage certainly introduced to the visible splendor of this waterfall.

hence, we had to make room for it on our list of North Carolina’s best waterfalls.

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Dry Falls
Dry Falls
Nantahala country wide woodland, Macon County, North Carolina
contrary to its call, this waterfall gushed vigorously while we noticed it on our Autumn go to returned in 2012.

in contrast to maximum of the waterfalls we’ve encountered in the Appalachian range, this one let us pass behind it.

indeed, its deep recess and properly-established path ensured that we got to enjoy this waterfall in almost each way possible.

even though its 65ft top may seem modest, its extent and its accessibility helped propel this onto the middle of our listing of top 10 excellent North Carolina Waterfalls.

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Crabtree Falls
Crabtree Falls
Blue Ridge limited-access highway, Yancey County, North Carolina
Of the waterfalls we’ve encountered at the North Carolina side of the Blue Ridge freeway, we observed this one to surpass all the others in terms of the over all enjoy.

now not simplest did we enjoy the golden yellows of the leaves flanking this swish trapezoidal 70ft waterfall, however we additionally enjoyed the colourful the other way up hike to get right here and lower back.

whilst we easily could have remained constrained to the automobile and enjoy the explosion of Fall colorations alongside the Blue Ridge parkway, once in a while leaving the auto yielded the fine studies of them all.

certainly, that became how Julie and that i felt regarding this excursion, and for that reason we easily made room for it on our list of North Carolina’s nice waterfalls.

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excessive Falls
excessive Falls
#3 excessive FALLS
DuPont nation woodland, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Of the waterfalls we’ve encountered within the DuPont state woodland, we preferred this 125ft waterfall the maximum.

in addition to its large trapezoidal shape, we loved the colourful Fall foliage flanking it in addition to the included Bridge just upstream as properly.

Like with the Triple Falls, we without problems accessed it along one of the nicely-used trails that linked all the primary waterfalls, which include Hooker Falls in addition to Bridal Veil Falls.

We even got to understand the size of the falls a chunk extra by means of occurring a extraordinary path that took us to close to the bottom.

in the long run, whilst we appearance back on our Autumn journey to North Carolina, we clearly don’t forget this one fondly. therefore, we had to vicinity it on our list of top 10 pleasant North Carolina Waterfalls.

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Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls
Pisgah countrywide wooded area, Transylvania County, North Carolina
authentic to its name, this 125ft waterfall on the Horsepasture River genuinely produced its namesake rainbow. We noticed and felt this in the course of our visit because it threw up lots of mist on a sunny Autumn day.

I keep in mind that there was a miles shorter trail to absorb this waterfall. but these days, we had to cross on a piece of a three-mile out-and-back hike to reach it.

still, we didn’t mind because we additionally were given to experience different waterfalls alongside the way such as the Turtleback Falls and drift Falls.

So all matters considered, we had no problems setting this falls just quick of the top spot on our list of North Carolina’s exceptional waterfalls.

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top Whitewater Falls
top Whitewater Falls
Nantahala countrywide woodland, Transylvania County / Jackson County, North Carolina
palms down this 411ft waterfall took our collective breaths away when we first noticed it.

It become pretty an creation to the waterfalls observed within the Tar Heel state.

even as we loved the overlooks to take in the grandeur of this waterfall at the Whitewater River, the best issue that sincerely would have made the revel in special become the amount of Autumn foliage.

indeed, we’d have come every week or two too early. in any other case, we ought to have seen this falls flanked by means of a sea of red and oranges.

And whilst we without problems may want to have contented ourselves with just this waterfall, we located the attempt to reach the lesser-known lower Whitewater Falls to be nicely worth it as well.

So with all matters taken into consideration, this waterfall was heads and shoulders above the relaxation of our listing of top 10 pleasant North Carolina Waterfalls.

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