The top 10 great Montana Waterfalls

By | April 27, 2020

This pinnacle 10 satisfactory Montana Waterfalls listing showcases our favorite waterfall stories in big Sky u . s .. In truth, Julie and i didn’t understand that we had sufficient of a group of such experiences to provide you with a valid top 10 list of the fine of the waterfalls inside the kingdom.

simply to give you an idea of the way extensive our survey of the Montana’s waterfalls is, we’ve were given a web page committed to a comprehensive listing of waterfalls in the kingdom.

and like with all of our other pinnacle 10 lists, we best consider waterfalls that we’ve personally visited. That manner, we will have a extra decent list that comes from true experiences.

That stated, we understand that this list of the high-quality Montana Waterfalls can without difficulty exchange as we hold to make extra visits to massive Sky u . s ..

So with out further ado, we now present the top 10 first-class Montana Waterfalls in reverse order…

Swiftcurrent Falls
Swiftcurrent Falls
Glacier country wide Park, Glacier County, Montana
when Julie and that i first chanced upon this waterfall, we didn’t even are aware of it had a call.

In truth, the numerous Glacier Valley had plenty to take in right round this waterfall beginning with the stunning Swiftcurrent Lake.

over time, we’ve learned to use this waterfall to try to seize Mt Grinnell with this morning cascade.

incidentally, that mountain become named after someone who labored tirelessly to maintain what came to be called Glacier country wide Park.

regrettably with the of completion of the Going-to-the-solar avenue, Grinnell vowed to in no way come returned to the park in protest… and he never did!

fortunately for us, we got to enjoy the end result of his imaginative and prescient, which covered this waterfall. And for that, it barely nudges onto our listing of Montana’s exceptional.

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Kootenai Falls
Kootenai Falls
Libby, Lincoln County, Montana
one of the few waterfalls now not in Glacier countrywide Park on this list, the waterfall became all approximately strength and shade.

indeed, with the Kootenai River probably the last of the undammed rivers of this length in the united states of america, simply watching it flow wildly became a sight to behold.

in addition to respecting the rush even as watching the glacial-flour-colored river circulate hastily via, we additionally looked at the swinging bridge similarly downstream which took us proper over this torrent.

situated simply east of the Idaho Panhandle, it absolutely felt like we traveled through one of the ultimate wild stretches of woodland in the American Rockies.

So given a majority of these factors, we had no troubles setting this waterfall on our listing of Montana’s exceptional waterfalls.

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chicken woman Falls
hen girl Falls
#8 chook female FALLS
Glacier countrywide Park, Flathead County / Glacier County, Montana
regardless of a waterfall as large as this 492ft monster, the sky-scraping mountains close to Logan pass managed to dwarf it as you can see on this photograph.

indeed, this changed into truly my waterfalling excuse to take a breather and soak in the mindblowing surroundings alongside the Going-to-the-sun road.

With other cascades nearby (like on Haystack Creek), a wonder mountain goat go to, and an explosion of wildflowers in bloom, this scenic spotlight of Glacier national Park left me trying extra.

sadly, daylight commenced to present way to night time time on my visit so I had to let go.

still, with such scenery etched in my reminiscence, I needed to well known this waterfall and area it among this list of the exceptional Montana Waterfalls that we’ve been to.

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jogging Eagle Falls
jogging Eagle Falls
#7 walking EAGLE FALLS
Glacier countrywide Park, Glacier County, Montana
We don’t regularly see waterfalls falling on top of itself, however that actually came about with this waterfall within the two medicine Valley a part of Glacier country wide Park.

perhaps that might explain why I’ve additionally visible this unusual waterfall known as “Trick Falls”.

most of two medication Creek flows via a hole or natural bridge. The overflow of the creek that didn’t make it into the hollow would cross over the lip of the cliff for that trick effect.

upload to this area of expertise the pointy mountains that provide Glacier national Park’s declare to reputation and we’ve ourselves a unique location.

So for a majority of these elements, we needed to vicinity this waterfall on our listing of favorites in the state of Montana.

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Ousel Falls
Ousel Falls
massive Sky, Gallatin County, Montana
This 50ft tall (even though I’ve visible reports of 100ft tall) waterfall changed into every other one of the waterfalls that made this list that didn’t reside in Glacier country wide Park.

Given its close proximity to the community of big Sky, it seemed just like the form of area where residents or visitors may want to go on a hike or a jog along the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River.

because this waterfall didn’t sit in a national park, I loved the peace and tranquility as well as the waterfall itself.

thus, I had to provide it props for rejuvenating me earlier than we’d go away Bozeman and head into the a great deal busier Yellowstone country wide Park, which wasn’t some distance away from here.

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Apikuni Falls
Apikuni Falls
Glacier country wide Park, Glacier County, Montana
Julie and that i didn’t recognize about this waterfall on our first visit to Glacier country wide Park.

that all modified when we chanced upon some map and data displayed on the St Mary traveller center.

It piqued my interest sufficient to pursue it. And after doing the all-uphill hike to get right here, i was pleasantly surprised by using its 150ft or so drop.

once I had my fill of this enforcing waterfall, the view throughout Many Glacier Valley further introduced to the scenic allure of this tour.

great surprises like this don’t come that often for us anymore. in order that in conjunction with different fine factors about the overall hike and waterfall clearly put this one among our favorites in big Sky u . s . a ..

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Grinnell Falls
Grinnell Falls
Glacier country wide Park, Glacier County, Montana
This wishbone-shaped waterfall acted as my number one motivator for doing the fairly exhaustive hike to the Grinnell Glacier. but after doing the hike, I may want to now see why it turned into one of the most efficient hikes in all of Glacier country wide Park.

The hike featured a pair of lakes in Lake Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lake. It also featured vistas over Grinnell Lake and a facet valley as the path clung to a ledge flanked by wildflowers and seeping springs.

Then, after going beyond the top of this waterfall, I subsequently reached the unexpectedly receding Grinnell Glacier with its drifting icebergs floating below the Salamander Falls.

Such lovely surroundings made me feel alive even though I additionally found the experience bittersweet as I also witnessed how this glacier has turn out to be the poster infant for global Warming.

nonetheless, despite the fact that the waterfall wasn’t the principle enchantment, the experience as an entire forced me to location it high up on our listing of top 10 high-quality Montana Waterfalls.

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Woodbine Falls
Woodbine Falls
Absaroka-Beartooth wasteland, Stillwater County, Montana
Julie, Tahia, and that i went out of our manner to visit this 280ft waterfall.

however once we finally were given to look right into its twisting waterfall inside the rugged Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness near Nye, the attempt paid off.

now not simplest did we revel in the brilliant waterfall, however we additionally loved the views in the direction of the faraway Beartooth range.

Even the peace and quiet from being right here (in preference to the lots busier reserves of Glacier national Park and Yellowstone countrywide Park) felt fresh and rejuvenating.

So for all this waterfall had going for it, we had no problem placing it excessive on this list of our favorites in the state of Montana.

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natural Bridge Falls
herbal Bridge Falls
#2 herbal BRIDGE FALLS
Gallatin countrywide wooded area, candy Grass County, Montana
This changed into another one of those waterfalls that we needed to move a bit out-of-the-manner for.

but after witnessing this high-quality show of what Nature can do, we relished in the relative peace and quiet damaged best with the aid of the push of this 100ft waterfall.

What made this one stand out, but, changed into that it disappeared underneath the bedrock earlier than re-rising into what regarded to be a collapsed cave gadget.

We now not most effective skilled the precipitous views across the deep canyon, however we also were given near the top waterfalls before the Boulder River made its disappearing act.

Given the overall enjoy, we felt compelled to put this waterfall high up on our list of favorites in large Sky united states of america.

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Virginia Falls
Virginia Falls
Glacier countrywide Park, Glacier County, Montana
I had a real tough time looking to pick out a standout waterfall among our list of favorites.

ultimately, I selected this waterfall because it featured the attractive -tiered St Mary Falls in addition to many cascades on Virginia Creek.

some of those intermediate cascades could have effortlessly stood out on their personal.

The hike culminated inside the staggering Virginia Falls. For this sort of notably brief hike, it packed a lot of highlights.

sure I listed other bigger and badder waterfalls in this web page. but in the end, i found the general experience right here to be splendid.

after all, I got splendid mountains surrounding the path, many waterfalls (some of which had colourful plunge pools), and distant perspectives of St Mary Lake.

So putting it all collectively, this waterfall just barely nudged into the top spot of our pinnacle 10 great Montana Waterfalls listing.

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