The pinnacle 10 high-quality Waterfalls of Southern California

By | April 27, 2020

It changed into approximately time we prepare a top 10 excellent Southern California Waterfalls list.

in any case, we had visible many waterfalls in Southern California, which includes los angeles County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, among others.

So we certainly had a robust urge to take a step again and examine which ones of those waterfalls in the Southland that we liked the most.

And as usual, we had a real hard time coming up with this list.

after all, so much depends at the revel in (which differs for every body let alone each time you’ve come) and temper (that may trade on a whim).

however, we’ve provide you with this listing, which we base upon most effective our personal personal experiences. That manner we hold a true listing and no longer click bait noise.

And we should reiterate all over again that this list can trade as we intend collect greater falls or re-go to a few acquainted ones from the hidden nooks and crannies of our neighborhood mountains.

So without in addition ado, we gift the fine of the local waterfalls in opposite order…

Eaton Canyon Falls
Eaton Canyon Falls
Altadena, los angeles County, Southern California
The greater l. a. vicinity lacks many yr-spherical waterfalls. however, we ought to count on this constant performer even in very dry years.

further to its reliability, we also discovered it quite smooth to get entry to this waterfall.

positive the trail maybe a bit busy and crowded plus there appears to be a consistent struggle to manipulate the graffiti problem here. however, considering this falls came as close to an urban waterfall as you may get in los angeles and that it expenses nothing, I bet you gotta take the best with the awful.

We think Angelinos must go to this falls at least once simply to get a flavor of the terrific nature in our own outside.

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Sturtevant Falls
Sturtevant Falls
Arcadia, l. a. County, Southern California
As every other one of the uncommon 12 months-spherical waterfalls in Southern California, we also had a chunk of sentiment attached to it as nicely.

in spite of everything, this 50- or 60ft waterfall became the second one waterfall that Julie ever took me to in our early days of waterfalling.

while the hot and sunny upside-down hike as well as the combination of recognition and restricted parking can take away from the enjoy, the algae coloring the wall at the back of the falls actually makes this one of the more memorable local waterfalls we’ve seen.

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Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls
Thousand all right, Ventura County, Southern California
thankfully this waterfall doesn’t require a balloon experience to South america. Nope.

All it takes it a piece of a drive closer to Thousand okay in which we found this 40ft waterfall amidst the suburban-fringed Wildwood Canyon.

Julie and that i recall this waterfall nicely as it turned into our first nearby waterfall together.

however sentiment aside, we additionally encountered a local American cave, a picnic area under a teepee, and some thrilling rock formations in addition!

locations like this remind us of the way numerous and sudden Nature within the greater los angeles location may be. So we haven’t any qualms about which includes this falls on our listing of nearby favorites.

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Tangerine Falls
Tangerine Falls
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, Southern California
This waterfall was a chunk of a Valentine’s deal with for us whilst we had spent a weekend in the Santa Barbara place all through that Hallmark vacation.

but, belying the romanticism of Valentine’s Day, we had to undergo a bit of a scramble whilst seeking to keep away from poison very wellexposure just to reach the falls.

as soon as we were given there, we discovered ourselves looking up at this narrow 150ft falls towards a backdrop of clean blue skies sprinkled with a para-glider right here and there.

whilst we turned round, an brilliant vista of the Pacific towards the horizon stood earlier than us. Fronted by way of traditional Spanish-fashion rooftops behind the tree-lined canyon, we witnessed the form of surroundings that you possibly can best find in Santa Barbara.

To at the moment, i’m able to near my eyes and still picture the surreal view of both the falls and the scenery at the back of me at the slim forget. And as a consequence, we counted this waterfall among our neighborhood favorites.

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Escondido Falls
Escondido Falls
Malibu, l. a. County, Southern California
For the longest time, we neglected out on the best a part of this falls.

but as soon as we finally laid eyes on the whole thing of this gem of the Santa Monica Mountains, this waterfall pleasantly amazed us with its scenic allure and man or woman.

Plus, the journey it took to get here made us enjoy each little bit of our revel in as we genuinely had to earn it.

We do have to warn you that the adventure to look all of this waterfall isn’t for all and sundry. however individuals who do persevere are richly rewarded for his or her efforts.

We virtually were!

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3 Sisters Falls
3 Sisters Falls
close to Descanso / near Julian, San Diego County, Southern California
Of the waterfalls we’ve included in this listing, possibly none can suit the sort of thrill and exertion that this waterfall journey required.

certainly, we had to earn our visit to this three-tiered beauty. It involved steep climbs, clinging onto slippery boulders, putting onto ropes, and the usage of all 4 of our limbs to go each down and up this strenuous upside-down hike.

And whilst we tend to consider the adventure the maximum, the waterfall itself clearly held its very own as you may see inside the photo.

With three amazing drops over smooth granite rock walls (for a grand total of approximately 150ft or so), we knew that our efforts paid off large time.

therefore, we simply needed to make room for this waterfall that was each bit as essential San Diego as the next entry on this listing…

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Cedar Creek Falls
Cedar Creek Falls
Ramona, San Diego County, Southern California
whilst this falls flows, it’s truely worth going out of your manner for.

working example? mom and i did this as a completely long day experience; and we savored the enjoy large time!

Of path several years later, Julie and that i got here lower back whilst she finally got to look this waterfall float for the first time (after multiple failed attempts in the past).

indeed, with right timing, you could even see a bonus waterfall (Mildred Falls) en course if you take the trail from the Julian side.

and even if you take the path from the Ramona facet, the gorgeous perspectives of the San Diego River and the quite mountains backing the basin delivered greater richness to the general revel in.

truly, this waterfall no longer most effective impressed us, but it impressed many others as nicely. in the end, we’ve heard it claimed the name of the most photographed waterfall inside the extra San Diego vicinity.

So given this properly-deserved popularity, we had no problem placing this waterfall this excessive on our listing of local favorites.

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huge Falls
big Falls
#three large FALLS
wooded area Falls, San Bernardino County, Southern California
that is said to be Southern California’s tallest yr-round waterfall.

The yr-spherical factor by myself makes this waterfall special on this usually arid area.

however, its height and glide also makes this a waterfall for which we’ve long gone out of our way extra than once!

at the same time as we needed to earn our way to peer some of the waterfall’s hidden levels, you want no longer undergo such problem to see maximum of its attractive sections.

And we’ve observed quite some people who used this waterfall to simply chill and feature a picnic even as being around its crystal clean circulate.

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San Antonio Falls
San Antonio Falls
Mt Baldy, San Bernardino County, Southern California
Come to this waterfall when the snow of Mt Baldy (also known as Mt San Antonio) melts and you’re dealt with to an excellent waterfall display. many of the ceremonial dinner for the eyes are 3 drops with a waterwheel (in high go with the flow) on its lowest drop.

upload to that the alpine surroundings of pine timber piercing the snow-protected hillsides and appealing vistas of the basin when you’re searching downslope, and you’ve got a very profitable motive to go waterfalling regionally at the weekend.

through the years, this waterfall has grown on us due to its accessibility and its length.

And while our daughter and my parents in the end were given to enjoy this splendor for themselves, the collective mood and circle of relatives environment that this falls prompted quite a whole lot gave it the bounce it had to move this excessive up on our nearby list of favorites!

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Fish Canyon Falls
Fish Canyon Falls
Duarte, la County, Southern California
whilst Julie first checked out this waterfall, then turned to me and placed up 5 arms, I knew we had witnessed a waterfall that’s all too rare inside the Southland – i.e. one that WoW’ed our jaded waterfall tastes.

We puzzled if there existed a local waterfall that had it all – the near proximity, the WoW! thing, and the affordable accessibility.

And not even the quarry proscribing get admission to, the hint amounts of graffiti, and the recognition of this hike could placed a damper on our impact of this falls.

indeed, until we see some other neighborhood waterfall that would impress us the manner this one did, we’re sticking by means of this preference as our favourite local waterfall.

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