50 BEST wedding destinations in India

By | May 15, 2019

Cherrapunji – Love is in the air
CherrapunjiImage Credit: Neelima V

Although Cherrapunji occupies a coveted place in the diaries of travelers, many of them are unaware that it is home to an unusual facet that is an exemplary extension of the honeymooning moment. The waterfalls of Mawsmai, acting like a waterfall in the middle of the greenery, stop your breath for a second, making it one of the best waterfalls in the world. Likewise, innumerable points rich in serenity and tranquility could be explored with your ideal life partner.

Is it not triumphant to know that there are many options to stay both near the extravagant place and honeymooners? You may be more excited to see exceptional offers from these resorts to help you not miss a minute without excitement.

How to arrive: Book a plane ticket to Shillong Airport located near Delhi from INR 6,137

Packages: Take a day trip to Cherapunji.

Udaipur – a royal walk to the Venice of the East
m_Udaipur 2

Udaipur, a spectacular city of lakes, is a major tourist destination in India. Located in the middle of the hills, this place offers an attractive panorama that will seduce countless nature lovers. Many honeymooners choose this “white city” as a romantic getaway.

Let me inform you that you can let the hypnotic beauty of Udaipur captivate you at any time of the year, but it is advisable to get away from hot, sunny summers. The honeymoon in Udaipur is the perfect way to explore the city and admire its beauty in a relaxed way.

Packages: Guided tour in Udaipur.

How to arrive: Cheap flight tickets to Udaipur airport from New Delhi at INR2,410.

Jaisalmer – Let hearts be caressed in the heart of the Thar Desert
m_Jaisalmer 1

The honeymoon in Jaisalmer is really a warm deal! Located in the heart of the great Thar desert, the honeymoon in the ‘Golden City’ is an impressive project.

You and your partner can have warm conversations and enjoy the delicious cuisine of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is art and craft, culture and tradition, the warmth of each other’s company and a promise of life.

Explore the unusual beauty of this place on a camel safari. Jaisalmer is home to several magnificent Havelis and Forts, which will add a royal touch to your honeymoon.

Packages: Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer.

How to arrive: The airport of Udaipur near New Delhi is at 2,410 INR.

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Pushkar – where love and devotion complement each other
m_Pushkar 1

Love without devotion is like a temple without God! The holy lands of Pushkar, with all its rustic charm and its sacredness, will surely push you to pour out your heart and to devote your whole life to the happiness of each one.

How to arrive: Book a cheap flight to Jaipur Airport, located near New Delhi, at 835 INR.

Packages: Full day visit of Pushkar.

Rishikesh – love and adventure on the rocks
How to arrive: Fly from New Delhi Airport to nearby Dehra Dun Airport at INR 2,156.m_Rishikesh

If life at the limit is your passion, you and your other half, no other destination in India can replace the charm and appeal of Rishikesh. Home to some of the grueling treks, gruesome rapids, adventurous camping and thrilling activities, as well as thrilling places to visit, every corner of this city will make your honeymoon an exciting experience for both!

Packages: Rafting in Rishikesh.

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Kovalam – where love mixes with relaxation

Kovalam is a picturesque town full of beaches located in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. This place is close to the Arabian Sea and has a perfect environment to be a honeymoon destination. Tasty seafood, Ayurvedic massages and shallow waters make it an ideal holiday destination for honeymooners.

Kovalam is known for its traditional Ayurvedic massages. Newlyweds who want to relax and feel stress free can opt for these massages. Both of you can rejuvenate and revitalize yourself by pampering yourself at the Royal Ayurvedic Centers.

There are several niche hotels that offer sea view rooms and upscale services to make your stay in Kovalam spectacular and extremely pampering. The shallow waters of Kovalam beaches await you for a romantic swim. Finish your trip with a believe


Goa – Love is in the air
1 m_Goa

The waters that hold their hands in the middle of it, given the unique and multi-hued flora and fauna that can be lovers to explore. Goa, which offers latest spice to your honeymoon will not give you to another world, but also only two together.

A walk in the bright sand beaches and watch the sun meet horizon.Other Goa highlights the essence of Portuguese culture includes a rich, mouth watering seafood and local hospital.

In order to arrive at: a ticket to Goa, Bangalore, just as from INR Book to 2,410 of their flight.

Packages for surface Wind abject Christ.

Tourist attraction, here are some of the best places to visit with to Goa.

2 m_Goa

Andaman & Nicobar Islands – get infected with Love Bug-
1 m_Andaman

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one of seven union territories of India which is located in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman islands meet the sea. Spend your honeymoon in the romantic islands get lost in their own sphere.

He explores the side Aarthika partner hazardous. Pardon as watersports snorkelling and scuba diving. That will leave the infinite in the world and it will pour hypnotized. Likewise, natural trekking trail on Mt. tread Madhuban in the wilderness and enjoy the love and admire various species of flora and fauna.

In a few areas such as consumer Aarthika about occult Levant Islands.Andaman all the beauty and glory in the pleasures of honeymooning Aarthika with a variety of sports. Appropriate use of the island on your wedding the most memorable experience.

In order to arrive at the point a lot My righteousness is near Port Blair airport to the Vilia Chennai flight ticket from INR 4,942.

Packages, budget-friendly Best Tours Andaman and Nicobar

For more information, Vista: Ravishing Andaman- A real dream Destinationm_Andaman 2

Rib – in time to silence the word of love roll

Marriage is one of the most beautiful places in the rib backwater of India. The use of nature and of life, the feel of the elegance of your honeymoon in the midst of the king’s Houseboats shine, and the self-indulgence, and that the floor of lovely wood.

In the simple joys of life are immersed in a pit for those types of endless creations of God and nature. At sunrise and former comes from birds singing in a hissing water timber and serenity to enhance romance in your life.

All this can not always be the love of one another, to feel the romance? Unspoken thoughts your wedding trip backwaters Costa in peace and allow you speak!

To self how to reach us: side-trip to the INR way from the airport to the Kochi 1,158, Bangalore.

Packages: Boat Cruise at Allepey.m_Alleppey2

Pondicherry – The French way
1 m_Pondicherry

With the increase in the witness of the deep at the top of the very act of the love of Him to flow in the way, in due season? Add a pinch of your wedding cock and important areas of your wedding in the surreal memory Pondieherry!

How to Buy a film developer Chennai next flight Bangalore INR 1,881 homes.

Packages: The city of Pondicherry 2 tour.m_Pondicherry

I love where they suddenly Chikmagalur
ChikmagalurImage believes Prof. Mohamed Shareef

Oh, very cool touch of the green mountain tops, it should dreamlike cloud Chikmagalur. Is perfected by the example of their choice of duty, on Business Tech Business Tech Because of the mountain is wonderful, as will soon become the couple does not seek the marriage of couples. It also got a fine weather Chikmagalur insurmountable was very surprised to see the number and Homestays is met.

On the contrary, what it really is in agreement with the opinion of all the furniture to be able to take care of, let me be united in the green surrounding of the medicinal fragrance of the coffee. Believe me; Chikmagalur be like the best wedding in India. Here you will definitely feel sort of like being in paradise. Conviction will be defined in the garden.

Packages: The Kudremukh in Chikmagalur Trek.

Darjeeling – jealous that you yesterday and the day was filled with love

The man on the ground in the east mountains Tiger promise to bond than yesterday and we both love each other? Caress and enjoy the honeymoon trip through the stunning views of the Himalayas, Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga and enthralling Peak.

Just a ticket to fly Kolkata investors away from the nearest to the Bagdogra Cheap How INR 1,177.

Packages, tours of the best Darjeeling.

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Stem – it really is the best destination wedding in India
1 m_Srinagar

The Houseboats and that this Lord m Shikharas shimmering lakes and the Mughal gardens mesmerizing

2 m_Srinagar

Jodhpur – loved the feeling of love in the desert of Thar
1 m_Jodhpur

Is a wonderful step in the way of marriage bonding with a hilarious wedding party heal “Blue City” Amritsar some of the closest moments of your life? To be open along the Thar, open your heart to be your partner to feel loved the romantic sand at Jodhpur.

Getting to the airport at Amritsar Book a direct flight from New York to INR is only 3,459.

Packages: The Safari Village in Jodhpur.m_Jodhpur

Ranthambore – once in the morning adventurous jungle
1 m_Ranthambore

Unlike others If you and your partner are inclined to nature, who is held or wildlife, they should think about your honeymoon Ranthambore National Park. Restore at the time of the return of deer beasts for luxury camp pants while captivating the wedding of a wonderful clients safaris.

Packages, Jeep Safari Ranthambore National Park.m_Ranthambore

Jaipur – colors that speak of love and affection

What the essence of the monarchy and the greatness of hugs to travel on your honeymoon?

To arrive at: the ticket is only held in New Delhi in the flight of Jaipur INR 835.

Packages, the best Tours in 1 Jaipur.m_Jaipur

Coorg – Romance in Scotland of India
1 m_Coorg

Image Credit: Los Angeles Resort – Flickr

Nothing in this world the happiness of being able to buy with a beautiful! And many other things, that divine, in the green spaces of the road colors at the wedding party inhoc the mountains of Coorg. Also known as “Scotland of India”, the movie will make the happiness of your wedding will not come to the mountain town!

[See the sky Coorg Homestay]

How to Reach: From Airport to Airline Tickets at INR Bangalore in India 1,905 was practically regular.

place here to visit Discover some of the best places in Coorg.

Packages: The best in Coorg.m_Coorg 2 explained

Gulmarg – the nature of the wall remains in love
1 m_Gulmarg

Gulmarg mountain resort Jammu-and-place regions Baramula Iberica. The city is based on the Pirpanjal range in the western Himalayas.

All men wait like the pain of the snow-covered meadows of Gulmarg on another mountain with snow, the resort is associated with the sweetness of living at a beautiful places in India and the hills the torrents of marriage.

For a winter sports center of action, especially for skiing and serves as one of the best recreational places in the country. Gulmarg is perfect in your ways, from the thought of the honeymoon package is the most memorable trip, a beautiful world in this city.

To arrive at: 1 896 INR almost to the ticket of the airport of New York, held as cheap as in the stem.

Five packets Gulmarg.m_Gulmarg 2 Day Tour

Kumarakom – silent but romantic
1 m_Kumarakom

For party parties with a big fat wedding, both of which you really deserve to relax from everything! They embark through the silent backwaters Kumarakom honeymoon and relax, relax with a tenderness of love in the fullness of the times of the Romans, ship-house and you will do;

For that it’s useless: it’s close, a flight from the airport to INR Bangalore, Carl Koch now 1158.

Packages, Kumarakom Cruise.m_Kumarakom 2

Ooty – in order to start a new life is the best natural host
1 m_Ooty

Ash Hills embraced by the clutches of beauty and jewelry and a scrub brush looks nice, and the amazing beauty in Ooty is without a doubt one of the country’s best wedding locations. For six hundred haunting, hugs of a wedding with the nature of all things to each other in the lap of the Ooty?

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To which we have said, flee from the airport to cheap Coimbatore My justice is near, Bangalore INR 1,843.

Packages, one of the best places to visit in 2 Ooty.m_Ooty

In the open air laoreet – redefine the romance of love and on the hills, the evergreen
1 m_Munnar

To feel the romance in love, when he is growing on the road, and increase in the honeymoon Velit laoreet! Enthusiasts of tea plantations and captivating mountains, better wind the safety of half of the Munnar love competition.

To get to the point of the cheap flight from the airport to Kochi flight INR 1158 My justice is near Bangalore.

Climbing Packages in 2 Munnar.m_Munnar

Nainital – love, joy and virgin
1 m_Nainital

Located in the Kumaon Himalayas and boasts of giving Nainital one of the best wedding venues in India. They feel attracted Nainital Naini Lake and the High Peak, Tiffin, indeed, it is this heap and other things of this place, a new journey of love, head-up services.

To access the probable near the plane ticket from New York airport to Mumbai just 2178 INR.

Packages: The operations are you engage Nainital.m_Nainital 2

Kodaikanal – a new way to start with a lot of love
1 m_Kodaikanal

And just the time between the sweet kissing your wedding soup! It is thought that the time to kiss and love in the most romantic places on the known principles of Kodaikanal glamorous.

To get to the airport for a flight from Bangalore to India was almost an ordinary book, cheap INR at 1,905.

Packages, one of the best on the road, Kodaikanalm_Kodaikanal 2

Ranikhet – to win the heart of your face with all his heart, and in your love for him,
1 m_Ranikhet

Relive the claims, which is folklores redirect Sudhardev fell in love with a gorgeous, Rani Padmini and finally won his heart?

Kanyakumari – love each other beyond the end
In this regard, the competition far, his neighbors to flee from Bangalore is just a ticket of INR 1.881.m_Kanyakumari Cheap Thiruvananthapuram

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