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1. Dudhsagar Waterfall – The prestigious Goa Falls1
Goa has many places to visit and one of the most amazing places is the Dudhsagar Waterfall, which is one of the best waterfalls in India. The name of the falls translates into English as Sea of ​​milk because of the transformation of the color of the water from blue to white when it crushes to the bottom. The falls are 60 km from Panaji in the state capital of GOA. The fall is the 5th largest in India, measuring 310 meters. The best time to visit the falls is at the height of the monsoon season, when the river reaches its highest flow. The fall is divided into 4 levels creating a truly impressive scene.

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2. Jog Waterfall – The Miraculous Fall of Karnatakajog

What makes the Jog waterfall spectacular is not its height, but its width: with a circumference of 290 and 259 meters, the falls are spectacular. The waterfalls are located near Sagara in Karnataka and constitute a major tourist attraction of the region. The falls are also known as Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi by the local population.

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It is the second largest waterfall in Asia, making it a must. Due to the large number of tourists, you can get the provisions, snacks and food needed to enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls.

3. Nohsngithiang Waterfall – A surprise awaits at the village MawsmaiNohsngithiang Waterfall
This is a unique waterfall not to be missed. Indeed, instead of a single outflow, seven waterfalls fall from the same source, producing a truly magnificent waterfall. The Nohsngithiang Waterfall is just 1 km from the village of Mawsmai in the East Khasi Hill or Meghalaya district. The falls measure 315 meters and a circumference of 70 meters, making it the 4th largest waterfall in India. The best times to visit the falls are sunrise and sunset, when the falls are more beautiful. Due to the high number of tourists visiting the area, many places in the locality offer a stay.

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4. Thesegharh Waterfall – Maharashtra Pride Waterfall
The Thosegharh waterfall is located in a deep gorge near Thoseghar village, about 20 km from the city of Satara, on the outskirts of Konkan. There are several waterfalls, the shortest is 15 meters and the highest 500 meters. Visitors come from all over Maharashtra, making it a popular tourist destination. The best season to experience the waterfalls is during the monsoon, when the falls run with immense fury. The surrounding area also offers a quiet and peaceful setting, ideal for relaxing and spending an afternoon close to nature, the surrounding hills being covered with thick forests.

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5. Athirappilly Waterfall – The Beautiful NiagaraAthirappilly of India
Also known as Niagara of India, this beautiful and beautiful waterfall is located in Athirappilly Panchayath, Kerala’s ecological destination. The Chalakudy River feeds the Athirappilly waterfall, giving rise to a spectacular confrontation. It is a relatively small waterfall measuring just 24 meters, but it is the width of the falls that makes it an attraction not to be missed. In addition to the waterfall, the region also has a spectacular confrontation. It is a relatively small waterfall measuring just 24 meters, but it is the width of the falls that makes it an attraction not to be missed. In addition to the waterfall, the region is full of flora and fauna, such as the endangered hornbill, which is found in the forest around the waterfall. The falls are the most picturesque during the monsoon, when the river is full, which provides an unforgettable experience.

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6. Cascade Courtallam – The largest waterfall in Tamil Nadu
Image source: Wikipedia

The Courtallam waterfall is located south of a small town of Panchayat in Tamil Nadu. The falls measure 160 meters, making it one of the highest in India. The waters of the Chittar River come from Western Ghat, resulting in a continuous waterfall that is fabulous to see in any season. The rainy season offers a bigger waterfall and because of its height, it is better to watch it from afar to see the whole fall. The water falls in stages for a breathtaking view. You

7. Talakona Waterfall – Sri Vankateswara National ParkTalakona
Image Source: Vinoth Chandar

The Talakona waterfall offers an impressive drop of 270 feet before the basins of water at the bottom. The falls are located in Sri Vankateswara National Park, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. The waterfall is also famous because the temple of Lord Siddheswara Swami is located nearby. The area around the waterfall offers an abundance of wildflowers and butterflies that are found nowhere else but here. The best season to visit the fall is the rainy season, when the river is inflated, which is reflected in a brilliant demonstration of the power of autumn several miles away.

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8. Khandadhar Waterfall – Orissa High Waterfall Khandadhar Waterfall
Source of the picture: rourkelacity.com

The Khandadhar waterfall is located near Nandapani in the Sundagarh district of Orissa State. The falls are the 12 highest in India. Bonaighar is about 19 km from the falls and is easily accessible by car during the dry season as the road to the falls is unpaved. You can also easily get off a secure parking located about 1.6 km from the falls. The fall has an incredible length of 244 meters. Its waters turned into fog before hitting the pools below. Best seen during the dry season due to difficult trails leading into the fall, which could be slippery when wet.

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9. Chitrakot Waterfall – a stunning fall from ChhattisgarhChitrakot_waterfalls0054
Image S0urce: wikipedia

Measuring only 29 meters high, this waterfall is not one of the best in India because of its height but its breathtaking size. During the dry season, water flows from one of the lowest exits in a regular stream, but the water behind the falls has been barred by a level rock, resulting in a spectacular showdown during the monsoon season. The water rises and begins to flow from the entire rock wall, which measures nearly 200 meters, creating a truly impressive site. The Chitrakot Waterfall is located in Jagdalpur, Bhata District, Chhattisgarh, and attracts thousands of tourists each year to observe the phenomenon.

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10. Dhuandhar Waterfall – a strange but spectacular waterfallDhuandhar Falls
Image source: wikipedia

These falls are unique in their own way, as the water that feeds the falls has eroded the limestone, resulting in deep crevices through which water flows during the dry season. In the rainy season, the situation is different because the flood waters engulf the entire region, creating a powerful force of nature. The falls are fed by the Narmada River in Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh. The two seasons offer a different beauty to the falls, but most tend to prefer the dry season because you can see the beautiful crevices dug by the water in the limestone.

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11. Kunchikal Falls – The hidden treasure of Ghati
The Kunchikal Falls are 455 meters high and flow in stages, creating many small falls. The total length of all the falls collected exceeds one kilometer, making it the longest series of multiple falls in the world. The falls are also known as Kunchikal Abbe, near Masthikatte-Hulikal in Shimoga District, Karnataka. The Varahi River feeds the waterfall flowing near the famous Ghati temple. The best season to visit the falls would be during the monsoon, when the flow of water is at its maximum. The surroundings of the falls also offer a fantastic view.

12. Barehipani Falls – Oriss national simlipal
naked falls

Image source: easyvivek

These falls are located deeper in Simlipal National Park, in Orissa District of Mayurbhani. This is one of the highest waterfalls in India. The Barehipani Falls measure 399 meters, barely 400 meters. Autumn is divided in two, the largest measuring 259 meters. The surrounding area is covered with lush forest and, on the way, you can observe the local fauna and birds, native to the area. During the night, if you are lucky, you will also see leopards on the lookout.

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13. Langshiang Fall – a sight to seeLangshiang-falls
Image Source: prefertrip

The Langshiang Falls is 340 meters long and includes a series of waterfalls, constituting a long and magnificent fall. The fall is near the village of Sangriang, 24 km from Nongstroin, in Khasi district, west of Meghalaya. The falls can be seen from the village but only a close-up view will reveal the true beauty of these falls. It is the 3rd largest waterfall in India. The falls are located on the island of Nangkhunaum River and it will be necessary to travel by boat to reach them. Make sure you carry food, drinks and snacks with you, as you may not find sellers in the fall.
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14. Nohkalikai Falls – The largest waterfall in India, Nohsngithiang
The Nohkalikai Falls are the largest and most beautiful falls in India. They measure 335 meters and are located in Cherrapunji, which is also one of the wettest places on the planet. The constant rain feeds the rivers that end and eventually fall. The fall takes place in Shillong and, unlike other waterfalls that require you to visit during a given season, Nohkalikai flows year-round and allows you to enjoy the best viewing at any time. During the visit, it is advisable to wear a raincoat, because here it rains without warning.

15. Meenmutty Falls – The spectacular Kerala waterfallMeenmutty_Falls
Image source: Wikipedia

These majestic falls are located 29 km from the small town of Kalpetta in Kerala’s Wayanad district. The waterfall is divided into three and extends over 300 meters. This is the largest waterfall in Kerala. To get to the falls, you have to hike 2 km. Thus, people with walking problems may not want to venture there. For the young and adventurous, this is the place to visit and enjoy a weekend afternoon. You must bring food and drinks as no vendors are available. The falls are best during monsoons when the river is flooded.

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16. Kune Falls – Secret weekend outing in Pune
The falls are located in Lonavia, in the Pune district of Maharashtra. This is the 14th largest waterfall in India. The Kune Falls measure 100 meters and divide into three before gushing into the valley. The area is surrounded by forest, making it an ideal picnic spot. The municipality has laid out a clean park overlooking the waterfall, where you can enjoy your weekend afternoon. There is an abundance of public transport on the weekends when people from Pune come to enjoy the weekend with the family. There is a hike to the falls that you can choose, but get ready to feel muddy because it is not well used!

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17. Thalaiyar Falls – an awesome gift from Tamil NaduThalaiyar-Falls-in-Kodaikanal1
Image source: Wikipedia

The falls are located in a wooded area where the water falls an impressive height of 297 meters. This fall is also divided in two. It is located on Palani Hill in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu. The best is to see the falls from the previous view, where you can see the whole fall, including the smallest at the top of the gorge. To get to the waterfall, you have to walk one kilometer. You will have to descend all along the route, but the real test is to go back up, think about it before you go down to the falls!

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18. Vantawng Falls – The Tourist Attraction of SerchhipVantawng_Khawhthla
Image source: wikipedia

It is a trifurcated waterfall located in the village of Mizo, 5 km from Thenawi, in the Serchhip District, Mizoram. Vantawng Falls is 30 km from Serchhip and is the 13th largest waterfall in India. The falls are located in a lush forest that remains partly green due to the constant supply of water to the river. There are several views from where you can see the falls from afar and venturing closer should only be done during the dry season, as climbing up the cliff while entering and exiting causes complications. There is excellen

19. Umbrella Falls – The Wonder of God at Ahmed Nagar Maharashtra640px-Umbrella_falls_at_Bhandardara
As the name suggests, the falls look like an umbrella, mainly during the monsoon, when the Pravara River is flooded. This fall is located in Ghandardara. Anmednagar Maharashtra. The falls are only 45 meters high, but the volume of water flowing through the vast falls is immense. A jetty is available for people to cross the river in late fall, which is a must. Although it sounds scary enough, the experience of crossing the river is certain to have a lasting effect on your mind throughout your life.

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20. Hogenakkal Waterfall – Majestic Tamil Nadu Waterfall Hogenakkal Waterfall
This fall may not have a majestic height, like many others in India, but it is its unique formation that places it among the best in India. The Hogenakkal waterfall is located in southern India, in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is located 180 km from Bangalore and you might feel the need to plan a night or two at the Dharmapuri to fully enjoy the surroundings. The river eroded the softer rocks, dropping the water in a circle and then in a crevasse before flowing. It is a major tourist destination and you can find many stands and vendors selling food, snacks and drinks.

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21. Abbey Falls – A surprise awaits at MadikeriAbbey_Falls_India
Image source: Wikipedia

Abbay Falls, located in Kodagu, Karnataka, in the small town of Madikeri. The cascades are on a coffee plantation and are best observed during the monsoon season when the river is at full flow. Just 6 km from Madikeri, the river is an ideal picnic spot to visit and enjoy a lunch, with the fog of the waterfall offering a respite from the scorching sun. It’s an exit destination for teams and a perfect weekend getaway for you and your family. Water from the falls then flows into the Cauvery River before vomiting into the sea.

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22. The Kiliyur Waterfalls – a hidden treasure in the Eastern KhatsyKiliyur Castles
Image source: Wikipedia

The Kiliyur Waterfalls are located on the Eastern Ghats, in the Shervaroyan or Tamil Nadu mountain range. The falls offer a 300-foot drop resulting in a spectacular confrontation. To get to the falls, you have to walk about 15 minutes downhill, but the effort is definitely worth it. During the dry season, the falls are small with just a little water, but during the monsoon, the falls are at the peak of their fury. Plan your trip during the monsoon, as this will guarantee you a fantastic view.

23. Papanasam Waterfall – The majestic Papanasam Falls
Image source: Wikipedia

Papanasam Falls in Tinunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India, about 60 km from Tinrunelveli, are well worth a visit because of the view and the falls that are open to you. It is a popular tourist attraction that attracts people from Tamil Nadu. The falls offer a drop of 120 meters, one of the highest in Tamil Nadu, making it a place not to be missed. If you like spending time near nature, this is the place for you. Because of its popularity, it is possible to find vendors selling snacks near the falls, but be sure to keep the place clean!

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24. Shivasamudram Falls – one of the must see places in Karnataka
Shivasamudram Falls

Image source: sarojpadhy

The best time to visit Shivasamudram Falls is the monsoon season, as the river is at its highest level, which would make you fall in love. The falls are located in Mandya district, Karnataka, near Bangalore. The Kaveri River feeds the falls and is located on the edge of Chamarajinagar District of Karnataka. Although the falls offer only a fall of 98 meters, they have an impressive circumference of more than 300 meters, which makes it a spectacle to watch. During the dry season, the falls lack the required water. Be sure to visit them during the monsoon, as they offer an impressive scene.

25. Soochippara Falls – The Misty WaterfallsThe Soochippara Falls
Image Source: Eric Parker

The biggest attraction of Soochippara Falls is the easy approach of falls during the dry season, which allows for swimming and enjoying the cold waters, especially during the shimmering summer season. The falls are also known as Seninel Rock Falls. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, making it an ideal getaway. The falls descend on an impressive 200 meters, creating a foggy background. This attracts visitors to the falls, as you do not have to worry about the dangers that other waterfalls usually present.

26. Bhagsu Waterfall – The Mcleodganj pilgrimage offers a treasure waterfall
Image source: Wikipedia

These falls are located very close to the village of Bhagsu, home to the famous Bhagsu Temple, which houses the beginning of a freshwater stream. The Bhagsu Waterfall is a 20-minute walk from the temple. It is a famous pilgrimage site in the town of McLeod Ganj and when visiting the temple, it is interesting to hike to the falls. Due to the high number of tourists visiting the place, you can get all the necessary supplies, snacks and beverages at the village rather than bear the extra weight. There are also restaurants, guest houses and other places to visit in Mcleodganj if you want to spend a day or two instead.

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27. Amritdhara Waterfalls – a fair and a fall at the same place
The Amritdhara waterfalls are located in Kariya district, Chhattisgarh. The region is covered with dense forests, mountains and rivers. This makes it the right setting for a spectacular waterfall. This waterfall is pleasant to see in any season, when the water flows from the most remote areas of central India, but during the monsoon, the fall is filled with water, which gives rise to a real show of fury! The falls are also close to Shiva Temple, where the Mahashivaratri Fair was born in 1936 and continues to this day. At the fair, you will also be able to pick up some impressive handicrafts as souvenirs.

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