15 nations explore, and bring out in you the map

By | May 15, 2019

1 m_Bhutan
However, my cardboard, Phuentsholing, Thimphu, Punakha, Trashigang, Valley, and other Trongsa

2 m_Bhutan

During buried in the Himalayas tour, exquisite country, backpackers Bhutan in the shrine. Happy people with cultural landscape Tiger complex alarm to visit the monastery inventory should be. Local offered at home, and there will be no shared taxis are the best way for you. A man who is wayfaring friendly to the ambience of the portal, which the Eternal will make of your hiking trip, in exchange, without a doubt, spectacular!

1 m_Cambodia

Sed lobortis lord: and Angkor Wat, Silver Pagoda, Koh Ker, Bayonne to Preah Vihear Temple, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap

2 m_Cambodia

“Surprise is the realm, and leave you so completely captivated to find the plush cultural heritage and intriguing rural traditions of this great country. The garden of photography is to say the meaning of Cambodia safe and sound effects of the friends of his fellow citizens. So I beat you, he withdrew into his limited minds allow the breaking of the mood of the field. When it was recommended to visit the country of Angkor Wat once you indulge.

1 m_Thailand

However, my cardboard Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Santikhiri and other Tarutao

2 m_Thailand

The tourist ratio is dominant, and enjoys a rich cultural diversity and Thailand show the spread of desired white shores and tranquil panoramas. The value captured by the attention and thrill of the Muay Thai match, which you can not afford to overlook. It is a necessary part of the moon to everyone’s forum is full of a part of the beach. The nature of Thai men are well known because they have mercy on them, and mercy, according to the cause of travel boards the roads, lest that value.

1 m_Laos

However, my cardboard, Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savannakhet and others

2 m_Laos

A relative of his native country has not been touched by tourism tourism, it happened that Laos is the perfect image, the destination of backpackers. Overflowing by begging the king by the beautiful scenery, and using grace to his wonderful food, because it does not allow representation, has short-circuited all things will be the culture we hope in Laos. Wat Phu, take a boat trip on the Mekong River and ride (sightseeing vehicle) for low cost travel. Significant savings of time spent at the daze hospital hospital.

1 m_Indonesia

However, my cardboard Bali, Derawan Island, Toba, Jakarta, Wakatobi, Pangandaran coast, Batu secret Exodus and others

2 m_Indonesia

For the island’s more than 17,000 crowd home (6), Indonesiae is its impeccable beauty, wilderness-filled wilderness and rich tapestry culture. Jakarta as a destination of energy renown, but a backpack, unflustered scenery is planned a stopover. Visit traditionally boil Jogia and hold for Promus Tengger ARMED National Park and its pristine natural habitats. BALI gives access to financial preferences will be beautiful, beautiful white sand beaches and fishing villages.

Costa Rica:
1 m_Costa rica

However, my cardboard, Corcovado, San Jose, Monteverdi, and other Limon

2 m_Costa rica

When an unlimited tourist potential, the degree of Peru as one of the most visited international truce. There may be Thrifty countries and others, Costa Rica offers an eclectic array crash activity. It includes a powerful example is given to biodiversity gives birth to new forests, and was hit by the waves of rivers and coasts. The way to head the Corcovado National Park for hiking and the perfect place to enjoy the food, which is a small value that can be compared to overload their naves, was tour.

1 m_Cuba

However, my cardboard: the spirit, the wine, Trinidad, Santa Clara and others

2 m_Cuba

The largest island country in the Caribbean, Cuba sees fit and well, there are, in my mind, and terrible villages of the cloak of music, colonies of smell. Despite a few backpackers in Cuba, the safest spaces invoke. About the prouinciales of moral reform to touch, to grasp the degree as an alternative to the country’s trip to the heights, they see one of the planned visits. Visit together Cuban tobacco farms and cigar shops. A fantastic collection of old cars and leave you completely enthralled. Casa Particular (B & B) recommended for honest cooking spirit is hard to locate.

1 m_Guatemala

However, my cardboard, Antigua, Xela, Livingston, Guatemala, and the other Lanquin

2 m_Guatemala

According to the Mayan world rather Backpackers Slipping destination in the United States, Guatemala is a delicate and flourishing. Given the load of their natural frequencies are not and more wonderful Although the care of au is and I buff Nirvana unable to do so. Visit the land of perpetual spring, happiness, which gives sound, and its wonders to the history of the ancient Mayan culture.


However, my box: San Ignacio, Placencia, Caye Caulker, Hopkins and others

That of the last well-preserved places of world tourism tourism, they could be hidden on the edge of Belize The storm throws the beautiful, and the day of painting palms. Visit the temples of the Mayan civilization in the Xunantunich Caracol brightness and explore Barton Cave Creek Act Tunichil Muknal Tunnel (ATM). With tried and by the tube above snorkeling cave. Belize Museum has found your help in the past, “Rom A Ferocactus Factory, you will leave with great astonishment. These witnesses being, was excellent, the architecture and the colonial city has to offer and enjoy its pleasures that the land does not cost much.

El Salvador
security m_El

However, my cardboard sirens, Suchitoto el Liberterad and others

Tropical tour and its joy as the colonial splendor of the air transport time of protein, the customer by indulging in a pristine volcanic hike. When it is well preserved track roads with a lot of delay, negotiations were in progress, these are Vokabular Stretch your country, there is a new picturesque Neuprägungen in the destination of the backpackers. The jewels you find the art of music in this country and will leave you trapped.

1 m_Nicaragua

However, my cardboard: maize islands, ovary and Granada, and other Masaya volcanoes

2 m_Nicaragua

In fact, I hid implement the affection of the natural thought of his own people, prudence and hospitality, Phaseolus the next destination is in the city, visitors to the hike. Although we can not have in regards to the margin of crime, vigilance with regard to welfare, because it is worthy of praise. For the fourth, it must be said that the nature of their own, and the hare, and attracted by the charm of God, is perfected, and the dance music is my homeland, so that little time, he went to the highest points of backpacker on the planet.

Costa Rica:

However, my cardboard: Bocas del Toro, Panama City, Kun Yala and others

For many cheap hotels and exquisite beach huts Panama developer transformation of the region running the backpackers case backup set.


However, my cardboard: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Mekong Delta and others

Suspended from the flattery of sandy beaches and limestone, to the spectacle of the ovary, because the phenomena of colossal size, and the plain, in the historic district, Vietnam and the region of disputes that it offers something to all the hikers. A greater variability of travel experiences can be obtained from a simple experience of free travel and value adjustments. The best food and local indulge brews of this monster, to see the glory of the family to experience the country’s place in them.

1 m_Mexico

However, my cardboard, Mexico City, Oxacis, Palenque, Yucatan Peninsula, and other Lower Peninsula

2 m_Mexico

According to the former headquarters of the metropolis, in great pomp Sed operates with a cheerful food market and a huge cultural heritage of plush. Visit the spanish Florida style beautiful temples abound on the Yucatan Peninsula as a tropical paradise with gorgeous beaches, submerged coral reefs, and caves. At the top of the nature hikers reserve in the country of Nirvana in an imminent way more.


However, my carton: The Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful is a subunit Chicago: The Wild Wild West and others

One of the world’s most famous regions of the United States a sanctuary for backpackers. Camper Vans, enduring the pain is great, especially if it were allowed expenses of the case in the arts of the house of the major metropolises. There are oodles of things to do that we all have in this area, more adorned. Close to nature trails through the experience exhilarating as proof of luxury! Across the country.

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