15 Signs and symptoms of stress.

By | December 4, 2018
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There are many mental, physical and emotional disorders that are now associated with extreme stress. These include anxiety, depression, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke and immune system disorders including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, becoming more prone to various infections, along with a variety of related virus disorders that are consistent with common cough, flu, cold and inflammation Stomach and intestines. Herpes, AIDS, certain types of cancer as well as general autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

In addition to these disorders, it has been shown that stress has direct effects on the skin, with outbreaks such as skin rash, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, gastrointestinal tract such as gastric ulcers, esophagus, irritable bowel syndrome, and even ulcerative colitis. Stress can also cause increased insomnia and some degenerative neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. In fact, it is difficult to talk about any disease in any stress daily life does not play an aggravating role, or even any part of the body that is not affected by depression. This article lists the various symptoms and causes of stress.

If you see the “stress effect on the body stress chart”, you can say for sure that no part of the human body has recovered from stress. It is clear that this list will increase as more and more scientists investigate and schedule the intense effects of today’s stress.

Common signs and symptoms of stress:
Here are the symptoms and signs that you are affected by stress:
1. Headache, dental problems and speech impairment:

Stress is known to cause frequent headaches, pain, or pain. Depression is known to lead to grinding or grinding of teeth. Tension is known to cause stuttering or stuttering

2. Muscle deterioration:

Stress is known to cause shiver, even tremor of the lips and hands. It is known to cause muscle cramps, neck pain and even back pain. It is known to cause dizziness, dizziness and fainting. It is known to cause buzz, ringing and “ringing in the ears”.

3. Skin problems:

Stress is known to cause frequent sweating and redness. It is known to cause hands and feet cold or wet. It is known to cause rashes, pimples, itching, acne, hives and “chills”. It is known to cause an unexplained and frequent “allergic” outbreak

4. Diseases while you are in stress:

Stress is known to cause dry mouth and swallowing problems. It is known to cause colds, flu, recurrent infections and herpes sores.

5. Stomach problems:

Stress is known to cause heartburn, indigestion, stomach aches and nausea. It is known to cause excessive belching, swelling and flatulence. It is known to cause constipation, loose movement, diarrhea and loss of control.

6. Breathing problems:

Stress is known to cause shortness of breath, asthma and frequent bouts. It is known to cause sudden attacks of panic and life-threatening anxiety. It is known to cause chest pain, rapid pulse and palpitations.
7. Physical distress:

Stress is known to cause urination in short periods. It is known to reduce libido or libido.

8. Psychological Incitement:

Stress is known to cause excessive anxiety, guilt, anxiety and nervousness. It is known to cause an increase in anger, hostility and frustration. It is known to cause depression and frequent mood swings. It is known to cause increased and decreased appetite. It is known to cause insomnia, annoying dreams and nightmares. It is known to cause difficulty concentrating. It is known to cause learning problems. It is known to cause forgetfulness, disorganization. It is known to cause difficulty in forming thoughts.

9. Low power:

Lack of energy is one of the main symptoms of stress. You should know that you are nervous when you lack energy in almost everything you do. I have become lazy over time and do not really feel anything at all. This is one of the most watched tension points seen in almost everything. If you spend enough energy on something, you can not share another job in the same way. After all, we are all human beings only.

10. Fast heartbeat:

This is one of the most stress symptoms seen. Accelerating heartbeat is not good for you, do not ignore it. When you are tense, your mind is always under constant pressure. Since all of our organs are connected, the subcutaneous connective link that connects the upper part of the head to the middle part of the body passes through the continuous blood pressure to the heart that leads to rapid heartbeat.
11. Hair loss during stress:

Almost everyone is aware of it. The symptoms of stress are just a physical transformation and now we are discussing the physical symptoms of stress. Hair loss is one of the most harmful effects of excessive stress in women. Therefore, when you lose hair outside the penis, you should understand that you are under great pressure and that this may be harmful to you. Stress has many negative effects and this is one of them.

12. Eyelid contraction:

Have you ever had eyelid cramps? You must be very common. But when a lot happens, it is not a good sign. This means that your mind is under pressure and this body is one of the most common physical symptoms of stress. When this contraction hits your eyes, the best thing you can do is close it and breathe deeply and relax. It will definitely reduce eye shrinkage and make you feel much better. According to many doctors, artificial tears have the ability to trigger convulsions.

13. Blasts:

Rash is a common sight during stress. It is one of the most stressful symptoms. Many stress can cause a rash in a large number also causing irritation. The skin rash and skin infections (previously discussed above) are mainly produced from staphylococcus aureus. If your immunity is not the right one, your skin will become sensitive and this will cause many of your skin problems. Soft emollients can treat this rash and eliminate irritation. In some cases, it was noted that this rash is not the only thing, which is accompanied by influenza or fever, along with random shudder and sweating.

14. Insomnia:

We all know about this. When you are nervous, start not to sleep and not good for you. Anyway, it does not help you, it weakens you, it warms your head and makes you angry.

15. Problems of menstruation:

Women often experience this problem during stress. It’s not good for women’s body at all. Menstruation is the series of changes that a woman’s body undergoes throughout the month. There are hormonal changes, then there is ovulation, etc. If there is a break in the process, it can be really harmful to women. Therefore, you should get rid of stress as soon as possible.

Stress is one of the most common problems these days. Some of the underlying symptoms of stress have been discussed previously, which can have harmful effects on your body if you do not get rid of your stress problems in a timely manner. There may be other symptoms except these, but these are the most common.

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