12 incredible side effects ringtones – you should know

By | December 4, 2018

The ring, our own “methy” commonly used in most of India’s recipes is not only a source of flavor, but also a special herb to improve health. Yeah! The ring, scientifically called Trigonellafoenum-graecum and commonly known as methy, menthi, vendayam, ventayan in all states of India, is famous for its health benefits, in fact, it is known for its numerous health benefits. Both Ayurveda or Asian cuisine, specifically India and the ring are clearly as seeds used as spice, fresh leaves, herbs, sprouts and vegetables. Everything that has been said and done, there is another side to this! Yeah! Like any other element has advantages and disadvantages, there are also flaws of the ring! Here we compiled a checklist of the side effects of the Mitana Dana for reading it quickly and in writing to avoid possible side effects of the circuit. Continue reading
Side effects of the circuit:
The reference in the list below is the most common side effect of the ring or the side effects of methy that help you avoid it when you realize it. take a look:

1. Internal bleeding:
Ring, sing Despite your health, eating large doses of ring can cause you some serious health problems, and can be as serious as internal bleeding. The ring has the ability to change your hormonal level. Therefore, medical experts will always advise on the appropriate dose of ingestion of the ring daily for better results.

Dosage Instructions: The next time you want to try some home remedies from the ring, you should consult your doctor, see if there is any allergies you have and change the amount of calories corresponding. Any natural person who has adequate digestion and without sensitivity to herbal ingredients can eat between 5 and 50 grams of ring every day.
2. Sensitivity and skin irritation:
Undoubtedly, the ring is an improved color for the skin and is famous for its skin care qualities. However, if you eat too much of the ring in the hope of seeing quick results, be careful, it can hinder the structure of the skin either causing irritation or rash. Or lead to various skin allergies and infections. One of the most common side effects of methane Dana is skin allergies and this is mainly due to excessive consumption which results in rapid results. So, please see the dose!

Dosage Instructions: For skin care, you can use only one tablespoon of ring seed paste in affected areas, ideally once or twice a week.

3. Diarrhea:
The ring is a wondrous herb that works best with its charm in health problems such as constipation, digestive problems and other intestinal problems. However, if you eat too much of the ring, it can cause severe diarrhea which can cause dehydration which can be dangerous at times. The ring has the ability to stimulate the digestive system and control intestinal moments. It can be used to treat both hard and loose stool! The enzymes that contain them are very strong, so be careful of quantity!

Dosage Instructions: When you want to use the seeds of the ring to treat any health problem, use a teaspoon of seeds in the recipes for any treatment.

4. Stomach problems:
The seeds of the ring can change stomach problems effectively. But, if you consume large amounts of the seeds of the ring every day, the treatment can become a tragedy! From indigestion to heartburn and bloating to stomach and gastrointestinal problems, you can face any of the critical situations with excess intake of the ring. This is again a common side effect of using this herb.

Dosage instructions: When using fenugreek seeds to treat gastric problems, be sure not to use more than one tablespoon of the ring seeds soaked in the ground and pasted. Eat noodles once or twice a day to check their effectiveness.

5. Side effects of excessive child intake:
Children are sensitive to any medication, whether they are herbal or herbal. When it comes to using herbal remedies to treat health problems in children, you should be very careful, especially when it comes to using strong herbs such as the ring. Overuse of the ring can cause loss of consciousness in children. It can also give the body odor so not enjoyable.

Dosage instructions: The ring treatments in children work well when the dose is slim. If the dose is two teaspoons of fino seeds

Dosage instructions: Before you start using ring seeds as a natural remedy to control blood sugar levels, you are warned to see if the dose is right for your body. In the beginning, start with half a teaspoon of fenugreek seed every day. If your body responds well and does not show any side effects, you can increase it to a teaspoon. Beware, not more than a teaspoon is good!

7. Causes of congenital defects:
Although many research studies have shown that the ring has a positive effect on the health of pregnant women, excessive intake can actually cause congenital malformations in the fetus.

Dosage Instructions: When it comes to eating something during pregnancy, you should be very careful. Reduce your consumption of the ring, and if you really want to try it, take half a teaspoon for three days and see how your body reacts. Do not eat and regret life!

8. Premature birth:
The small ring during the last month of pregnancy helps stimulate labor pains, which naturally leads to normal childbirth. This is a benefit for pregnant women. However, the ring is able to change hormone levels, especially estrogen levels in women. If you are pregnant and want to try the seeds of the ring for better health, it is best to be careful!

Dosage instructions: When it comes to taking herbs during pregnancy, it is best to be more careful. It can give you half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds every day give you positive results. Try first a day or two, then continue if no negative effects appear. Do not eat and regret!

9. Lead to breast enlargement:
For those who already have large breasts, the ring can make them large. On the one hand, many women take it as a benefit to expand their breasts, but it may be more influential aside for those who do not want to increase their size. This again something depends on the woman that consumes the ring and put it.

Dosage instructions: If you are a person with large breasts but want to try the seeds of the ring as a treatment for some other health problems, you should be careful! For the problem you want to resolve, you may end up with a new problem. It is best to avoid eating grass or consult a Ayurvedic practitioner for proper guidance!
10. Excessive intake causes body odor and foul urine:

The seeds of the ring are immediate health boosters but the side effects are also prevalent if the quantity exceeds the ideal quantity. One of the most common and easy symptoms to note from excessive ring intake is changes in body odor and urine. It may smell different, sweet, may be like maple syrup, which does not look like much. Okay! You can cover your body odor by spraying the fluffy body mist. However, it is not worth all the paradox!

Dosage instructions: If you are feeding on the seeds of the ring, limiting intake of approximately 30 grams per day, this is the ideal good amount to get better health.

11. Side effects of the ring on children:

The ring is known for its multiple health benefits and one of the most sought after to benefit from breast milk. New mothers prefer herbal methods to increase milk supply instead of taking alopecia. But strong herbs such as the ring may have side effects on new mothers and their young children. Okay! Sometimes it is as if new mothers do not have any side effects but their children suffer! So beware of over-eating the ring.

Dosage Instructions: The ring to increase breast milk works like magic. However, a new mother should not take more than half a tablespoon of the seeds of the ring every day. So, watch the quantity and consume.
12. Side effects of the ring for males:

The herb circuit enhanced health is often misinterpreted to be a booster of testosterone. But in fact, it is not! Promotes estrogen! Any drug or herb that promotes estrogen can not strengthen testosterone. So, if you consume the ring in the hope of seeing your testosterone levels rise. Other than that, if you use the ring to solve a liver defect, irregular bowel or stomach or to treat gray hair, it is still advisable to regulate the amount of your intake because the ring is well known for its side effects as much as it is praised for the benefits it offers! Especially in those who use the ring to treat gray hair, over-eating can be very intense. Therefore, watch out and avoid the ring side effects on the hair.

Dosage instructions: Limit the intake of the ring to less than 50 grams per day and use it for a limited period to check for any sensitivity.

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