Vacationing Couple Tragically Die Moments After Taking A Selfie Together

By | November 29, 2018
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Selfies are a phenomenon in the modern world. Most of us can attest to having a camera roll filled with an assortment of them. From 20 different versions of the exact same pose which didn’t quite make the cut for Instagram to selfies of ourselves in a gimp mask…

Okay, it’s probably just me who has fetishwear selfies, but the point stands. People love taking selfies, and this is especially the case when they are on holiday and have something interesting to show off, but for one couple, a coastal selfie in Portugal cost them their lives.

To see the cliff the couple fell from, check out the video below: 
Couple Fall To Their Deaths While Taking Selfie On VacationTheir bodies were discovered by a fisherman.

Louise Benson, 37, and Michael Kearns, 33, had left their home of Australia to go on an around the world trip a few months ago, and their most recent and horrifyingly final destination was Ericeira, Portugal, where they had been attending a wedding last week.

Prior to the couple’s deaths on June 12, they had reportedly been up drinking until 4 am before a “scream” was heard on a beach after 5 am.

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