The 14 Most Beautiful Criminals In The World. # 8 He ate his boyfriend’s P3n!S

By | November 29, 2018
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There are also women who are ridiculously beautiful in the criminal, criminal world and away from the law; and as a good plus, because they are bad girls who awaken us the lowest instincts and tastes. It starts to fly our imagination when we see them, but then we discover what some of them did, like # 8, and it happens to us …

These are the coolest criminals in history … Anyway you would not want to mess with her because it’s going to go wrong.
1.- She was accused by her husband … That she hit him says.

2.- He broke the whole front of his car when it hit a post. Then he spoke to the police and alone gave himself up for driving while intoxicated. We need more citizens like that …

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