27 Rare Celebrity Photos We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

When you look at old pictures, you can always feel an air of history. Every old photograph has a story behind it: a story of love, life, fame, happiness, or hope. Bright Side created a set of rare celebrity photographs that we bet you haven’t seen before. They might leave you feeling nostalgic or a little sad. Some will make you smile and want to spend more time enjoying each… Read More »

16 High School Photos of Celebrities That Will Definitely Surprise You

It’s always exciting to travel back in time and take a peek at what our favorite celebs looked like in their teens before hitting it big. Bright Side has compiled for you a selection of yearbook photos of famous Hollywood actors that are nothing short of absolutely epic. Bradley Cooper © Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library   © Alamy Sandra Bullock © Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library   © HQDiesel Continue Reading On Next… Read More »

13 Stylish Older Couples Who Look Way Cooler Than Hollywood Celebrities

Scrolling through the striking Instagram pictures that show ordinary men and women of elegant age looking positively stellar, we can safely conclude that the cult of youth is gradually losing its force. And this is great news because things like beauty and style have no relation whatsoever to the numbers on your birthday cake. Today Bright Side would like to introduce you to some mature couples whose… Read More »

Celebrities Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Bright Side collected photos of famous people that were taken in their early days, in the informal atmosphere. The pictures reveal another side of celebs’ life — far away from gloss and exclusiveness. Remember: every photo has its own story. © balancer Continue Reading On Next Page Below

13 Celebrities Who Proved That Beauty Can Be Different

Most of us think that to be successful you absolutely need to have perfect looks. However, lots of stars prove otherwise. We at Bright Side are sure that bright individuality, talent, and ambition are much more important than beauty as an essential part of success. Tilda Swinton © smallbusinessdb   © BEI/REX “I always knew I wasn’t good looking, and it’s a huge advantage. All my pretty friends started to trade their looks… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Appeared in Identical Dresses

The most dreadful thing that can happen to a girl who’s going to a gala night is to be wearing the same dress as someone else. Or, worse still, to be photographed in that dress. Bright Side made a selection of these coincidences that happened to famous Hollywood beauties. Which one of the two do you think looks best? 10. Fergie vs. Jane Fonda © eastnews   © KCS / eastnews.ru 9. Nicole Kidman… Read More »

15 Celebrities You Won’t Recognize Without Makeup

We are used to seeing Hollywood stars looking full-on glam: wearing perfect makeup and expensive dresses. However, they look quite different in their everyday lives. Bright Side has gathered 15 famous women who prove that true beauty is natural beauty. Drew Barrymore Continue Reading On Next Page Below

15 Celebrity Wax Statue Fails at Madame Tussauds

When you hear the phrase “wax statue,” the perfect statues at Madame Tussauds instantly pop up in our minds. We at Bright Side are totally aware that those statues are legendary, but even the best sculptors sometimes make mistakes. Here are some examples. When a sculptor created his own Leonardo DiCaprio… © eastnews   © depositphotos Hollywood, USA Continue Reading On Next Page Below

10 Fans Who Got Lucky Enough to End Up With Their Celebrity Crush

Once in a lifetime, some of us get a chance to meet our favorite actor or actress. But what if we tell you that a few extremely blessed fans are actually married to their celeb crush? This kind of restores the hope every one of us hides deep inside. We at Bright Side brought their fairy tales here to keep the hopes of millions of fans alive. Make sure not to miss the bonus… Read More »

20 Celebrities Who Look So Much Alike, It’s Eerie

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